Sunday, September 1, 2013

Writing Prompt: Most Vivid Dream

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The writing prompt for today comes from this website: She writes, "Describe your most vivid dream." The most vivid dream that I can remember was when I was about eight or nine. It was not a happy dream, but I guess that makes sense. I think you do tend to remember things that frighten you more than happy things. When your adrenaline is high, your senses are heightened and everything is in clear focused detail. I had this dream right before we left for a trip to Colorado.

My brother's soccer team was playing in a tournament out in Colorado Springs. We were driving out there early so we could stop along the way and vacation. My parents were big on the driving family vacation. Every summer we piled into the car and spent a week or two in some location or locations having fun together. Most of the time it revolved around my older brother's soccer tournaments. The trip out to Colorado would be the farthest West we had ever gone.

The dream began innocently enough. I was with my parents and brother on a bus full of the other boys  on Derek's team and their parents. We were driving up a mountain, nothing too strange about that since we were in Colorado. All the kids were excited and talking over each other, making it really noisy. I was looking out the window and the scenery reminded me of the Sound of Music. The bus driver was talking, but I couldn't really hear or understand him. We finally arrived at the top of the mountain and everyone piled out. There was some sort of wooden building and lots of signs. The boys were all running around and yelling, like boys do. My mother called me over and she was standing near the edge looking over the side of the peak. I walked up to her and followed her gaze, looking down. It was a very high mountain and a long way down. And then it happen; one minute I was looking over the edge, then next I was falling over it. In the dream, I fell forward over the edge, but then turned somehow in midair and was looking back up at the mountain as I fell. I could feel the wind rushing by me and the cool air and the incredible speed. I woke up before I hit the ground.

When we drove up Pikes Peak in a loaded school bus a few days later, I did not go anywhere near the edge.

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