Thursday, April 3, 2014

Poem A Day: Day Two

The prompt for today was Voyages. I didn't really get to the voyage in the poem; it was more about the leaving than the journey. But I guess that is part of the voyage too.


The time came for departure
and one by one
goodbyes were said.
There were smiles and well wishes,
but also tears.

The sky was the kind of blue-gray
you only ever saw in watercolor paintings.
The streaky, uncertain color
blended almost out of existence;
signifying the dampness of the air
too light to be rain
too heavy to be mist.
Atmosphere muddled with emotion.

Finally the voyagers must away to their ship.
They can tarry no longer.
They must catch the tide, the wind,
the sea.
The lines are cast
and sails unfurled.
The waves beckon them west.
To new places and adventures;
to wonders unseen.
To quiet morns and moonlit nights
And hours of joy between.

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